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Joye: Investors no longer need to reach for risk in order to secure their return objectives

Chris Conway from Livewire Markets writes I am a self-confessed market nerd. I love process, I want to know how the sausage is made, and I’m intrigued when I see someone doing something different than everyone else in the market. 

That was the case when I recently sat down with , Chief Investment Officer at Coolabah Captial, to talk about the launch of his new funds and how he sees and does things differently. 

The Coolabah process involves actively trading bonds, as opposed to the more traditional investment style of buying and holding to maturity. 

It’s an aggressive approach that requires intellectual grunt, a well-drilled team of analysts and portfolio managers running models across the globe, and the ability to execute with efficiency. 

Coolabah has continually refined this approach and today runs north of $8 billion of investor capital, and Joye thinks that will continue to grow given the secular shift that is occurring into fixed income. 

“In late 2022, we were running $6 billion of FUM. Today we’re running $8.2 billion, and I think that reflects the fact that investors want to access those very high interest rates you can get on cash, government bonds and bank bonds, and they’re trying to reduce or hedge their risks in higher volatility asset classes or liquid asset classes”. 

In this Expert Insights interview, Joye discusses the two new funds in detail, shares some of the inner workings of Coolabah, and explains why investors no longer need to reach for risk in order to secure their return objectives.

Please note that this interview took place on 13 September, 2023

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