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Timely insights and research on markets and macroeconomics from around the world overlaid with Coolabah’s unique contrarian philosophy.

Latest News

Coolabah Capital Investments publishes its analysis and insights across a wide range of platforms, including special academic research publications, essays, the Complexity Premia podcast, weekly in The Australian Financial Review, and on Livewire. Check out this page for the latest updates.

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The Complexity Premia Podcast

Coolabah also publishes the popular Complexity Premia Podcast, deconstructing modern investment problems in capital markets. See the latest episodes below.

Forecasting the housing boom

Coolabah’s Chief Macro Strategist, Kieran Davies replicates one of the RBA’s internal models on the Australian housing market and finds that house prices are expected to appreciate by about 25% over the next few years. Read the overview enclosed below.

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