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We Stand United For Ukraine

In recent months we have seen the devastation and humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine. Millions of people have been forced to flee Ukraine with only what they can carry, with many now arriving on Australian shores.

Coolabah is proud to support the Ukrainian community through the Ukraine Crisis Appeal. Their aim, in conjunction with Rotary International, is to bridge the gap between the government’s support and the immediate needs of the displaced people through delivering such programs as rent assistance, education, training & employment, emergency health needs, day care and children’s integration programs.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so through Rotary Australia.

RBWH Foundation

Coolabah is honoured to support the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) and help incubate and foster some of the most brilliant medical minds in Australia, from early career researchers to those well established in their field of discovery.

The RBWH Foundation aids researchers to develop breakthrough treatments, buys time for doctors to consider new diagnoses and provide the best possible care for their patients, and time for families to continue to enjoy every precious moment with the people they love, hopeful about what the future holds.

There is no greater generosity than that which saves a life.

Hark Angel

Sadly 1 in every 6 children in the world are still involved in child labor. Hark Angel is a charity which works with impoverished communities around the world to build schools, empowering them to support their children in obtaining an education in order to fulfil their full potential. Hark Angel’s vision is to build 100 schools in impoverished places the world has forgotten, such as Africa and Myanmar, and in the past 10 years have successfully completed 9 schools impacting the lives of over 2000 children.

They are building the first 30 of these schools in Myanmar, working with the locals to ensure that the school will continue to thrive once it is complete.

Coolabah is proud to support Hark Angel and if you would like to make a donation, you can do so through their website.

Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation
Diamond Patron - Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation

Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation

In 2019 CCI was a Diamond Patron of the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation’s SunSCHine Committee, supporting investments in medical equipment to help save the lives of very sick children. To find out more about SunSCHine, click here.

Wanderers Education Program

Alongside other partners, CCI’s shareholders have helped establish the Wanderers Education Program, which is a philanthropic initiative designed to fund education scholarships for currently serving members of Australia’s special forces.


Coolabah Capital Search & Rescue

Search & Rescue

CCI also carries out episodic search-and-rescue drone flights using an advanced Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual drone that patrols beaches and warns surfers and swimmers about potential shark attacks.

The drone has an emergency speaker system that allows CCI’s portfolio managers to communicate directly with swimmers/surfers that are in close proximity to large sharks.

A recent high-profile case study, believed to be one of the first examples in the world where a surfer has been warned real-time by a drone of a large looming shark, is enclosed below.

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