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Every Turn Counts...

As one of the most active investors in both Antipodean and global bond markets, Coolabah Capital Investments (CCI) is maniacally focussed on speed, accuracy and effective decision-making under extreme duress. 

This also motivates our multi-year partnership with the young Australian-New Zealand dual national, Alice Robinson, who races under the New Zealand flag. 


Alice RobinsonAlice is the first female ski racer in 33 years to win three World Cup races under the age of 20. In 2019, she won the Giant Slalom World Cup in Soelden, Austria, a feat no Australian or New Zealander has ever achieved. She also became the youngest woman from any nation to win at Soelden.

“Olympic and World Cup ski-racing is all about speed, precision, timing, and performance under pressure,” Alice says. “As is investing: both pursuits need a sustainable competitive ‘edge’.”

“There are extremely strong commonalities between what I do and what Coolabah does, our heritage, and approach to winning,” she continues.

Alice was born in Sydney, Australia, and then moved with her Australian family, including her brother and sister, to Queenstown, New Zealand, at the age of 4. She became New Zealand’s youngest-ever Winter Olympian, at 16 years, when the 2018 games commenced. 

“Identifying my ANZAC heritage, prospects, and the fact that I was probably somewhat under the radar outside of Europe, Coolabah’s team reached out to me and have invested an amazing amount to help me become the best ski-racer I can be,” Alice says. “I am profoundly appreciative of their ongoing financial and intellectual support.”

Melda Donnelly, Coolabah’s chairperson, says the company is delighted to invest in world-class athletes who share our philosophical approach to competing on a global stage. 

“Financial markets are probably the most competitive environments you can find,” she says. “And as an active manager, we are effectively pitting ourselves against the collective wisdom and insight of the entire world. We are, therefore, delighted to support a young Australian-New Zealander like Alice, who confronts a similarly daunting challenge.” 

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