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Coolabah launches a new Active ETF: FRNS

Today, Coolabah expands its credit offering with a new actively managed ETF, the Coolabah Short Term Income Fund (Managed Fund) (CBOE: FRNS).

  • The Coolabah Short Term Income Fund (Managed Fund) (CBOE: FRNS) is the second fund quotation at the global exchange venue, Cboe.
  • The fund offers an actively managed floating-rate solution that adds value through exploiting mispricings in Australian and global fixed-income markets to generate superior risk-adjusted returns compared to traditional solutions.

Today Cboe Australia welcomed Coolabah Capital Investments (“Coolabah”) for their latest fund quotation on Cboe. The Coolabah Short Term Income Fund (Managed Fund) (CBOE: FRNS), is the second fund quoted at the global venue.

The newly launched active managed fund, harnesses Coolabah’s highly experienced team to actively exploit mispricings in cash and bond markets to generate daily liquidity returns that exceed a target of the RBA cash rate plus 1.5% to 3.0% pa after all fees with an average A credit rating and near-zero interest rate duration risk.

“We’re excited to grow our ETP lineup with this new solution and provide investors with the opportunity for income and superior risk-adjusted returns in the short duration fixed-interest sector, ” said Luke Bouris, Chief Operating Officer at Coolabah Capital Investments. “The Coolabah Short Term Income Fund (Managed Fund) (FRNS) can be a useful solution for advisers and individual investors alike to identify, and participate in, income-generating opportunities from around the world.”

Investors can trade FRNS through their usual investment channels, including discount brokerage platforms and full-service dealers.

“As an advocate and champion of the global ETP industry, we are proud to welcome the latest fund issued by Coolabah on to Cboe Australia,” commented Emma Quinn, President of Cboe Australia. “Coolabah Capital Investments are a leading global active credit manager and it’s an honour to be selected as their venue of choice. We look forward to a collaborative partnership over the years ahead and providing the exceptional service and support that every issuer deserves.”

Coolabah’s Bouris added: “We are delighted to be partnering with Cboe Australia as they grow their local presence. We’ve really appreciated their global reach and flexibility in supporting us with the launch of the Coolabah Short Term Income Fund (Managed Fund) (FRNS) and we look forward to expanding the partnership going forward.”

You can find out more about FRNS, including a copy of the PDS below.

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