Complexity Premia Podcast, Episode 6

ScoMo Wins, Impact on Investments, Housing Market Turning, RBA/APRA rate cuts, Best Pieces of Capital Structure, RMBS Opportunities, ScoMo’s Agenda

Welcome to the Complexity Premia podcast from Coolabah Capital, which is hosted by Christopher Joye, CIO and portfolio manager of Coolabah Capital, and Ying Yi Ann Cheng, a portfolio management director. The Complexity Premia podcast strives to deconstruct modern investment problems for wholesale (not retail) participants in capital markets.

In this episode we will discuss: recent developments in financial markets; the consequences of Scott Morrison’s (unsurprising) election victory for investors; the most attractive parts of the capital structure; rate cuts via APRA and the RBA; whether the housing market is turning; how much the housing market might bounce by if the RBA cuts; why ScoMo won; emerging opportunities in RMBS; and what we think ScoMo’s agenda will involve.



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