Complexity Premia Podcast, Episode 5

Trade War Erupts, Coming of Aussie QE, End of Aussie Housing Correction, How Currency Hedging and Duration Distort Returns and More…

Welcome to the Complexity Premia podcast from Coolabah Capital, which is hosted by Christopher Joye, CIO and portfolio manager of Coolabah Capital, and Ying Yi Ann Cheng, a portfolio management director. The Complexity Premia podcast strives to deconstruct modern investment problems for wholesale (not retail) participants in capital markets.

In this episode we will discuss: recent developments in financial markets; the eruption of hostilities between the US and China in the trade war; the tricks and traps of how currency hedging and interest rate duration distort returns from credit; the first major bank subordinated bond issue since June 2018; the coming of Aussie quantitative easing (QE); what this means for Aussie housing; and why we are getting more positive on Aussie RMBS…



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