Complexity Premia Podcast, Episode 4

The Big Credit Rally, Is the Housing Bust Over, Will RBA Engage in Unconventional Policy, Could ScoMo Win, Rising RMBS Risks, ALP Franking Failures, and Magellan on LIC Risks

Welcome to the Complexity Premia podcast from Coolabah Capital, which is hosted by Christopher Joye, CIO and portfolio manager of Coolabah Capital, and Ying Yi Ann Cheng, a portfolio management director. The Complexity Premia podcast strives to deconstruct modern investment problems for wholesale (not retail) participants in capital markets.

In this episode we will: discuss the huge credit rally; make the case that the housing bust could be about to end; reveal that the RBA is considering unconventional monetary policy; argue (again) that ScoMo has a much better chance of winning the election than betting markets and political experts think; canvass rising RMBS risks as house prices plunge; explain why the Senate will probably kill the ALP’s franking policy as it stands; and consider Magellan’s entry into the simmering LIC debate.




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