Complexity Premia Podcast, Episode 3

Budget Surplus, Could Banks Cut for RBA, RMBS Risks, Great Housing Debate, Unisuper investing $1.3bn in Hybrids and More

Welcome to the Complexity Premia podcast from Coolabah Capital, which is hosted by Christopher Joye, CIO and portfolio manager of Coolabah Capital, and Ying Yi Ann Cheng, a portfolio management director. The Complexity Premia podcast strives to deconstruct modern investment problems for wholesale (not retail) participants in capital markets.

In this episode we will: discuss analysis showing the government’s fiscal budget is already in surplus and what this means for the looming election; reflect on the heated and nationally televised debate on housing that Chris had with an economic extremist (see the Youtube video here); review new research showing a dramatic surge in the risks of residential mortgage-backed securities or RMBS (see the research here); examine Unisuper’s decision to plough $1.3bn into bank hybrids; analyse APRA’s latest statements on its important TLAC policy, which could reshape bank capital structures; and consider the wave of Listed Investment Companies (LICs) coming to market and some of the hazards smart investors have raised



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