Complexity Premia Podcast, Episode 9

“Bail-In-Able” Debt Tsunami Special – Markets In June & July; The TLAC Tidal-Wave; How Early Deals Performed; Can Banks Fund $90bn of Bail-In-Able Bonds; And Thinking About Fair Value

Welcome to the Complexity Premia podcast from Coolabah Capital, which is hosted by Christopher Joye, CIO and portfolio manager of Coolabah Capital, and Ying Yi Ann Cheng, a portfolio management director. The Complexity Premia podcast strives to deconstruct modern investment problems for wholesale (not retail) participants in capital markets.

In this special episode focussing on the “bail-in-able” debt tsunami we discuss: markets in June and July; the TLAC tidal-wave; how early deals performed; what APRA got wrong; whether banks can fund the $90bn of issuance; where fair value lies; and much, much more…



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