Pre-register for the Coolabah Active Composite Bond Fund (Hedge Fund)

Coolabah Capital Investments is delighted to introduce our market-leading, daily liquidity, long duration, Coolabah Active Composite Bond Fund (Hedge Fund). This was previously an institutional strategy for super funds that was not available to the public, which we are now excited to bring to you as a quoted fund.

Since the Coolabah Active Composite Bond Fund’s (Hedge Fund) inception in March 2017, it has returned 5.32% per annum after retail fees. That’s 1.44% above the Composite Bond Index’s 3.88% per annum return. It ranks in the top 2 strategies in Mercer’s Australian fixed-income (active) universe over the last 3 years to 30 April 2021. (Please note past performance does not assure future returns. Please read the PDS to better understand the fund’s risks, which can be found at Coolabah’s website.)

The Coolabah Active Composite Bond Fund (Hedge Fund) targets returns in excess of the Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+ Yr Index, after management costs, by 1.0% to 2.0% per annum over rolling 12 month periods. 

The Coolabah Active Composite Bond Fund (Hedge Fund) will now be available as an exchange quoted managed fund on Chi-X Australia. The fund will be accessible on Chi-X under the ticker FIXD in June. The Fund will also be accessible by applying directly with the Fund Administrator, Mainstream Fund Services, under the APIR Code ETL2716AU.

We are anticipating a launch in mid-June. You can find out more about the Fund, including a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement on the Fund’s page here or pre-register your interest below to receive further updates.


Equity Trustees Limited (Equity Trustees) ABN 46 004 031 298 AFSL 240975, is the responsible entity for the Coolabah Active Composite Bond Fund (Hedge Fund). Equity Trustees is a subsidiary of EQT Holdings Limited ABN 22 607 797 615, a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: EQT).

This publication has been prepared by Coolabah Capital Investments (Retail) Pty Ltd (Coolabah), an authorised representative of Coolabah Capital Institutional Investments Pty Ltd ABN 85 605 806 059 AFSL 482238, to provide you with general information only. In preparing this publication, we did not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any particular person. It is not intended to take the place of professional advice and you should not take action on specific issues in reliance on this information. The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the Fund should be considered before deciding whether to acquire or hold units in it. A PDS for the Fund will be made available shortly and can be obtained by visiting Neither Coolabah, Equity Trustees nor any of their related parties, their employees or directors, provide any warranty of accuracy or reliability in relation to such information or accepts any liability to any person who relies on it. Past performance should not be taken as an indicator of future performance. Net returns are calculated from the historic gross returns using the current fee structure as displayed in the Product Disclosure Statement. The Fund is subject to investment risks, which could include delays in repayment and/or loss of income and capital invested.